12 Nisan 2016 Salı

Base OS MP’s have been updated – version 6.0.7303.0

***WARNING***  There are some significant issues in this release of the Base OS MP, I do not recommend applying this one until an updated version comes out.
  • Cluster Disks on Server 2008R2 clusters are no longer discovered as cluster disks.
  • Cluster Disks on Server 2008 clusters are not discovered as logical disks.
  • Quorum (or small size) disks on clusters that ARE discovered as Cluster disks, do not monitor for free space correctly.
  • Cluster shared volumes are discovered twice, once as a Cluster Shared Volume instance, and once as a Logical disk instance, with the latter likely cause by enabling mounted disk discovery.
  • On Hyper-V servers, I discover an extra disk, which has no properties:

What was changed?

From the guide:
MP used to discover physical CPU, which performance monitor instance name property was not correlated with Windows PerfMon object (expecting instance name in (socket, core) format). That affected related rules and monitors. With this release, MP discovers logical processors, rather than physical, and populates performance monitor instance name in proper format
That was a real problem for anyone trying to monitor individual CPU’s in the past – we actually discovered “sockets” not cores – so this didn’t jive with Perfmon at all.  I look forward to testing this.
Microsoft.Windows.Server.ClusterSharedVolumeMonitoring.mp and Microsoft.Windows.Server.Library.mp scripts code migration to PowerShell in scope of Windows Server 2016 Nano support (relevantly introduced in Windows Server 2016 MP version
It is these changes that likely broke cluster disk discovery.
Updated Microsoft.Windows.Server.ClusterSharedVolumeMonitoring.ClusterSharedVolume.Monitoring.State monitor alert properties and description. The fix resolved property replacement failure warning been generated on monitor alert firing.

Ref: Kevin Holman