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DNS MP update ships – support for DNS on Windows Server 2008 R2 and many fixes

The DNS Management pack has been updated. The current version as of this article is 6.0.7000.0

Get it from the download center:


This is a GREAT update. Here are some key changes in this version:

  • Added support for Windows Server® 2008 R2 DNS server.
That’s pretty self explanatory. This version now fully supports the DNS services running on Server 2008 R2 OS.

  • Changes in how “PrimaryServer” and “SerialNumber” properties are updated

This is HUGE! The DNS MP was one of the primary causes of Config Churn which I wrote about here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/kevinholman/archive/2009/10/05/what-is-config-churn.aspx With this update – that churn is now resolved. The properties of PrimaryServer and SerialNumber no longer change on a frequent basis. This is a big improvement and the biggest reason to get this update in place ASAP.

  • Enhancements to Forwarder Availability Monitor
Several changes were made here: Internal > Public, Error > Warning, Interval 900 > 913, NSLookUp uses the timeout parameter

  • New views defined:
    • Forwarder state view
    • Zone state view

These views were not present before – now you can spot-check the health of individual zones and forwarders quickly.

  • Scripts-Timeout changed from 30 to 300

This enhancement will allow scripts longer to complete on busy DNS servers or DNS servers with large numbers of components. The change really wasn’t from 30 > 300 on all workflows – rather – all workflows, regardless of their previous timeout, have been set to 300 seconds, or more.

  • All monitors changed from “Internal” to “Public”

This allows you to be able to create and add recoveries and diagnostics on any monitor. When flagged as “internal” they cannot be referenced in an unsealed MP.

  • All classes made “Public”

This allows you to create custom scoped views for any class in the MP – referencing them in another custom MP of your choice.

  • New rules defined for all monitors with manual reset

There are 4 new rules added which are disabled out of the box. These can be used to quickly replace the included (matching names) manual reset monitors if your organization cannot use Manual Reset monitors due to lack of console use (enterprise connectors as the primary ticketing and notification system)


Some other changes were also made, in addition to what's in the guide. Most were setting a handful of monitors from Error to Warning (State and Alert) and changing the frequency of many workflows from 900 seconds to 913 seconds… this was likely done to keep multiple workflows from running at the same time and creating false alerts due to server load when multiple workflows trigger on the same frequency. Views were renamed to reflect the 2008 R2 support.


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