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OpsMgr: MP Update: New ConfigMgr 2007 MP–version 6.0.6000.3 - resolves top issues

A new MP has shipped for Configuration Manager 2007, which is MP version 6.0.6000.3

This MP update will upgrade your existing MP.  It was updated to resolve the top customer issues with this management pack.

The following changes, also covered in the updated MP guide, are in version 6.0.6000.3.

  • Consolidation Event Rules have been disabled to prevent the generation of false alerts.
This is a big deal, this caused a lot of alert noise to repeat, even for status messages that no longer existed!  I wrote about this previously at the following link – and provided an addendum MP which contained overrides to disable these consolidation rules.  My addendum MP is no longer necessary and can be removed, if you were running it:
Want to drastically quiet down your ConfigMgr 2007 MP-

  • Operating system architecture detection logic was updated to determine 64-bit operating systems.
  • You no longer have to run the SQL Server query to clean up the localizedtext tables as part of the post-installation cleanup
If you were running the Post-R2 LocalizedText cleanup scripts on a regular basis to control the size of your localizedtext table – this should no longer be necessary.  I wrote more about that here:
Clean up LocalizedText

  • Scripts that target site database servers now retrieve time values directly from servers running instances of SQL Server instead of site servers to avoid time-zone discrepancies.
This caused a lot of false alerts and script errors previously.  Big fix.

  • Site hierarchy discovery now succeeds even if a site or component server does not have a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) configured.
This was a complaint which caused the topology diagrams to not populate.

  • The AlertLevel property can now be overridden, giving you control over the severity level.
Now ALL alerts expose overrides for priority and severity, which is critical for your tuning for notifications.

  • All monitors and rules are now public.
Which means you can override and add diagnostics/recoveries to anything.

  • The "ConfigMgr 2007 Collection Evaluations Tasks" script has been updated to let you monitor a collection that has a NULL StartTime value.The "ConfigMgr 2007 Collection Evaluations Tasks" script now uses CollectionID instead of Collection Name to track collection tasks.

Sweet update!  Recommend you get this one – and review your existing overrides to ensure they are still needed.  Kudos to the support teams for pushing this through.  Read the official announcement here:

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