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Scom agent install error, Error Code: 80041010

The Operations Manager Server could not execute WMI
Query "Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem" on computer PPLKHIHO93.ppl.com.pk.
Operation: Agent Install
Install account: PPLNET\scom_admin
Error Code: 80041010
Error Description: IDispatch error #3600

Does this problem occur for specific client or all client? Try re-registering the Cimwin32.dll and recompiling Cimwin32.mof 

1. Stop WMI Service.

2. From the C:\Windows\System32\WBEM folder we ran the following commands

regsvr32 cimwin32.dll 
mofcomp Cimwin32.mof 

3. Start WMI Service.

4. Install Agent, restart agent

It the problem still remains, it maybe caused by WMI component damage. You can try to re-build client to see if it works.

Manuel Install, Event Id : 20070, 21016, 2023

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